An app that facilitates your observation of what you already have in your kitchen—and how to use it to make food that fuels you.


Use more of what you have; worry less, waste less, spend less ✨

Thank you to The Design Science Studio, the Living Systems Collaboratory at UC Irvine, habRutual, and The Buckminster Fuller Institute for their collective support in our pursuing this project.


What can we do with mostly bare shelves holding seemingly random pieces to puzzles we can’t picture? 🤔


Recipe Constellations aims to address multiple issues affecting individuals, communities, and our planet today by reversing the linear process of meal selection and food preparation 🔄


📲 Instead of asking: "What do you want for dinner tonight?" This app leads you to answer: "What do you have right now, and what can you make with it?"

Recipe Constellations encourages the use of everything at your disposal: from dusty cans in the cupboard to hand-me-down dry goods left by old housemates 🥫

🔬 By presenting relationships between food items that are available (abundant in your pantry), we can learn to use what is at hand before running to the store to spend more money, or letting what food we have be forgotten and go rotten. 

Recipe Constellations’ clear, simple, limited variable input recipes aim to show us what we can make with what is available—instead of insisting on an additional trip to the market—thus decluttering the route from ingredients-to-meal-making 🍲✨

Project Visionary: Chris Weir • c.weird art

Project Vision Manager: Robyn Bykofsky
Product Management Advisor: Adan Magaña

Community Connection Advisor: Mandolyn Mystic Ludlum
Lead Chef Advisor: Brooks Schmitt
UX/UI Advisor: Olivier Vigean-Paquette 
1st Prototype Animator: Serena Treppiedi
Competitive Analysis Researcher: Christopher Castaneda



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